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Our Services

Comprehensive, focussed, results-driven


In our clinical work we are often consulted about depression, anxiety, trauma, work stress, eating disorders, parenting stress, substance abuse and dependence, relationship problems, family discord, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We work with parents and partners of those on the Autism spectrum to increase understanding, enhance relationships and alleviate stress. We have many years experience in assisting people to manage difficult behaviours or relationships in the work, home or social environment.

Our work with organisations and corporations often includes enhancing well-being, developing more effective communication, building motivation, assisting teamwork, teaching stress management skills, and clarifying values. We also provide individual coaching to management at all levels. We can help people to clarify their work goals, make effective decisions and act in ways that will enhance wellbeing, satisfaction and success. We are passionate about working with leaders and potential leaders who are willing to enhance their effectiveness and satisfaction by developing finely tuned social skills such as warmth, positive regard and excellent communication skills. We have a particular interest in assisting people to deal with difficult people in the workplace. 


PO Box 5243 
Lyneham ACT 2602


Phone: 02 6257 4900
Jo Morgan: 0423 148 769
John Corcoran: 0416 335 630